Running a small business is simple, right?

All you have to do is make a product/service that people want and sell it at a mutually beneficial price… Oh, and make sure you get all your business stationery printing done.

No – we know it’s not that easy. That’s where we can help, both conveniently and affordably. Knowing which corporate stationery you need for your business isn’t as easy as some people make it out to be. So here’s a convenient business stationery list – just tick off as you go. (And give ordering it online with us a go – we deliver all over South Africa for free!)

The checklist is below, with some basic design do’s and don’ts following that.

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For your desk and promotion at offices:
Things you can display anywhere:
Stationery you can hand out to increase sales immediately:
To make an impression on everyone you meet:
When a simple leaflet doesn’t cut it:

With a couple of clicks, you can order any of the above and have it delivered to your office by the following week. You may also find that the prices are more affordable than your current supplier! You have the quote so go compare right now – you can get the quote instantly via our website.

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Get Your Print Designs Right The First Time

So. Now that you know what you need to keep in mind for your business stationery needs, here is some guidance on how to maximize the impact of your stationery design.

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For your desk:

1. Deskpad calendar/planner

Deskpad calendars are perfect for planning your work week, especially useful because it sits right on your desk. Pencil in appointments, to do’s, anniversaries and be up to date with public and school holidays – at a glance.

Do: Provide space to jot down “to do’s” and reminders.

Don’t: Forget to proofread thoroughly. Remember one mistake on a deskpad calendar equals 12 mistakes.

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2. Tent Calendar and Wiro Calendar 

Great for keeping up to date with important dates, holidays and anniversaries – at a glance. We all have a phone and a desktop with a calendar, but even I find myself glancing at the nearest calendar to calculate “how many days until” or “how many days since”. It’s also an affordable and useful decoration for your desk. Tent calendars are similar to wiro calendars, but have three printable sides as opposed to multiple pages that are bound with wiro binding.

Do: Highlight important dates in your design – public holidays and school holidays.

Don’t: Make is showy or obtrusively bright. This will sit on a person’s desk, so make the design easily adaptable.

Design inspiration

3. Notepads

Obviously, notepads are great for taking notes at your desk, doodling while you’re on the phone, jotting down an inspired idea, jotting down your to-do list and carrying to your next meeting. They also happen to make really good promotional products, especially when you include your business’ contact information in the design.

Do: Add important contact information at the bottom of your page

Don’t: Compromise the writing space too much with your branding. Your company logo is all you need.

Design inspiration


For mounting/display:

1. Wall calendar

Wall calendars are great for the same purpose as a tent calendar. The difference is this can be mounted on your door, near your desk or somewhere in the office where everyone can see.

Do: Give it an elegant design. You want to encourage someone to actually hang it on their wall.

Don’t: Make the font too small. Ensure you can read the font from a distance before you print the final copies.

Design inspiration

2. Counter stands

Counter stands are great for showcasing product launches, special offers or any other announcements in your retail store. You can also use them for internal marketing in your office.

Do: Use bold colours to stand out and get attention. Counter stands should be used for the duration of the campaign only.

Don’t: Make them too wordy. Focus on the key message in as few words as possible.

Design inspiration

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3. Stickers

You may not have thought of stickers as corporate stationery, however, our large format stickers printed on white indoor vinyl can be stuck on glass walls/doors to add some decor to the office, promote an internal marketing campaign or demarcate certain rooms/zones. What is great about stickers is their versatility, so their office uses are unlimited.

Do: Design them to add some colour.

Don’t: Limit their utility. You can print really small stickers for labelling, or really large stickers for decor.

Design inspiration

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For handing out:

1. Plastic PVC cards

Plastic PVC Cards are great for use as access cards, membership cards, gift cards, loyalty cards and even as a premium business card.

Do: Make the design pop. We have many cards in our wallets, so design this to stand out from the rest.

Don’t: Skimp on the design. Treat the design the same as you would a business card.

Design inspiration

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2. Business cards

We know what business cards are great for. Making business connections since the 17th century.

Do: Make the designs stand out. Bland cards can be lost in the pile of cards collected from one conference, don’t get yours lost.

Don’t: Skip the proofreading. It is very easy to submit a design with a wrong number, email or even your own name.

Design inspiration

3. Brochures

Booklets & BrochuresBrochures are great for telling the story of your company, products and/or services.

Do: Make the information easy to digest and read.

Don’t: Turn it into a book. This needs to be quick and easy to digest.

Design inspiration

For internal/external communication:

1. Letterheads

Letterheads are great for communicating the professionalism of your brand to clients, suppliers and other business partners.

Do: Include your company name, logo and contact details.

Don’t: Overcrowd your letterhead with unnecessary branding and information.

Design inspiration

2. Presentation folders

Presentation Folders are great for presenting your business and promotional materials in a sophisticated package.

Do: Use your brand’s bold colours and customise your folders to make them standout.

Don’t: Forget to leave a slot for your business card.

Design inspiration

To present your products/services and company information:

1. Menus

Menus are great for, if designed well, getting your customers to order your best meals. (Although, all of the meals on your menu should be your best meals).

Do: Place your best dishes in the “sweet spot”. This is the upper right-hand corner of the menu and the first place where diners look.

Don’t: Overuse annotations. Annotations should be used sparingly to draw attention to specific items.

Design inspiration

Menu on a table at a restaurant

2. PUR Bind Booklets

PUR Bind Booklets are great for printing your annual report, yearbooks, proposals and more. The flat long-lasting spine creates a durable booklet with a sleek professional finish.

Do: Think like the reader. Put yourself in the reader’s shoes when designing the booklet.

Don’t: Just fill it with text. Use a lot of graphics, images and charts to illustrate key concepts and data.

Design inspiration

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The Bottom Line

That’s the full checklist! Keep this handy to restock your business stationery when you need to. Remember, you can follow the links of each product to get an instant quote on our website and order online.

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