It is shopping season and you are likely seeing a lot of foot-traffic in all shops. As a consumer, you have seen and heard the increased advertising on your television, radio, social media and magazines. There are more specials, reduced prices, and new product launches than you can act on at a given moment.
As a business owner, you understand that one of the most opportune moments to interact with your customer is at your counter. So, what are you currently using to reach those customers who are ready to buy and open to hearing about your other offers?

If your answer is “nothing”, then allow us to replace that “nothing” with our new Counter stands. Even if your answer is “something”, then consider this proven point-of-sale-advertising method in your current mix of promotional items. Counter stands are perfect for promoting special offers, launching products and communicating campaigns directly to your audience at the point when they are most likely to make a purchase.

Given the increased demand and advertising this coming season, these items are essential if you want your customers to be aware of, and act on, your special offers. We collected some insights on how to design your point-of-sale counter stands so that you can maximise their impact this holiday season. Here they are:

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Shopping season is open

Shopping season is open

Use your boldest colours to get attention

Your counter units have to stand out. Use the bold and complimentary colours of your brand and create a contrasting effect that highlights your counter stands.

Make your message clear

Write one message, in as few words as possible, to provide customers with enough information to drive an action. Phrases like “reduced to clear” alongside the product image provide enough information that informs your customers that the product is cheaper for a limited time only.

Use real-life images

A tip from conversion optimisation techniques is to use people in your imagery. Show people interacting with your product in the right context, to create a story in the viewer’s mind. Creating a story shows the relevance of the product and enhances the desire to purchase it.


Remember that customers have to get the full picture and message at a glance. Using an easy to read structure to allows this to happen.

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Pair them with takeaways

Not all your offers will be taken up at the point-of-sale, however, some customers might want to act on it at a later date. Place some accompanying flyers or pamphlets alongside your counter units to give viewers something they can keep.

Counter stands

Pair them with takeaways

Make them interactive

Take advantage of the phone that is likely in your client’s hands and of the technology that this device enables. You can use a QR code to direct customers to a website that has more information on the offer and product. You can also use augmented reality to add a rich experience to your counter unit – this could give people something to do while they wait in the queue.

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Keep it simple

As always, don’t overcomplicate the design. Make it easy to read and understand. It is all about getting your message in front of the right person at the right time.

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