South African paper sizes follow the ISO 216 standard, which is widely used for paper sizing in many countries around the world. The ISO 216 standard defines the A, B, and C series of paper sizes.


In South Africa, the most commonly used paper size series is the A series, which includes A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, and A9. The A0 size has the largest dimensions, with an area of 1 square meter (841mm × 1189mm). Each subsequent size in the A series is half the size of the previous one, maintaining the same aspect ratio.

The most commonly used paper size in South Africa, as well as in many other countries, is the A4 size. It measures 210mm × 297mm and is commonly used for various applications, including printing documents, letters, and standard office use.

It’s important to note that South Africa, like many other countries, also uses other sizes for specific purposes. For example, the B series of paper sizes are sometimes used for posters, wall charts, and other large-format prints. The C series of paper sizes are commonly used for envelopes.

The ISO 216 standard provides a consistent and standardised system for paper sizes, making it easier to design and print documents across different countries and organisations. It ensures compatibility and facilitates the exchange of printed materials internationally.

Paper Size List:

  • A0 Paper Size: 841mm × 1189mm
  • A1 Paper Size: 594mm × 841mm
  • A2 Paper Size: 420mm × 594mm
  • A3 Paper Size: 297mm × 420mm
  • A4 Paper Size: 210mm × 297mm
  • A5 Paper Size: 148mm × 210mm
  • A6 Paper Size: 105mm × 148mm
  • A7 Paper Size: 74mm × 105mm
  • A8 Paper Size: 52mm × 74mm
  • A9 Paper Size: 37mm × 52mm

Paper Sizes with 3mm bleed all around:

  • A0: 847mm × 1195mm
  • A1: 600mm × 847mm
  • A2: 426mm × 600mm
  • A3: 303mm × 426mm
  • A4: 216mm × 303mm
  • A5: 154mm × 216mm
  • A6: 111mm × 154mm
  • A7: 80mm × 111mm
  • A8: 58mm × 80mm
  • A9: 43mm × 58mm

Fun Fact: In addition to the ISO 216 standard, different countries have their own traditional or custom sizes. For example, the United States and Canada use the Letter (8.5″ × 11″) and Legal (8.5″ × 14″) sizes, which are not part of the ISO 216 standard.

When it comes to paper sizes in South Africa, it’s important to be aware of the standard options available. The most commonly used paper size in South Africa is the A4, which measures 210 x 297 millimetres. This size is widely used for printing documents, letters, and other professional materials. In addition to the A4, South Africa uses other standard paper sizes such as A3, A5, and A6.

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