Revolutionising the print industry is a highly rewarding adventure! Now you can order your business flyers while you are on your couch watching the latest re-run of 7de laan. But having the access to this power at the tip of your fingertips doesn’t mean you have the knowledge of which material is best for your flyers.
That is where we come in, it is our job to guide in the right direction. There are loads of different paper stock options and finding the right one is as easy as asking yourself the following questions:

Do you require a matt, gloss or “normal” paper?

If you want a shiny end product, go with gloss or if you want a more organic feel rather go with a matt paper stock. Normal paper is what we refer to as bond paper, this is the paper you are using in your printer at the office. If you are ordering letterheads, notepads or manuals you will use bond paper as a result your final product will function “normally” for you.

What is the end purpose or usage of the product?

Will this product be handled a few times or is this a once-off flyer which really just needs to last to get the message across? This will give you an indication of the paper grammage, otherwise known as the thickness of the paper. Also, think about the delivery of the final printed product, will it be mailed ( the weight of the paper can affect your postage costs), or will the paper be exposed to water or extreme temperatures.

Must it be a quality print product?

When handing over any marketing materials for your business, you should be proud of the product you are handing out. From flyer to folders, each printed product is an extension of your brand. With that in mind, the thickness of the paper usually portrays the quality of the brand.

Will you need to write on it?

A lot of small businesses have a form of a loyalty card or an appointment card, this is usually a business card of 90mm x 50mm with printing on both sides. Loyalty cards are usually marked with a pen, stamp or sticker. If you are trying to keep your costs down, you are most likely going to use a pen  and tick of the purchases. If you require this, ALWAYS choose a matt paper stock. You will find a pen that can write on it with minimal smudging. I always use a CD writable pen.

With these answers and our knowledge, you should be able to make calculated decisions to meet your production needs. We have taken the time to create Youtube videos for you, to give you a better feel for the paper for the 5 F’s that we will be covering. Just click on the highlighted grammage to view each video.



Flyer printing represents one of the most popular advertising tools – for very simple reasons. Flyers are easy and fast to produce. They also are a comparatively low-cost marketing tool.

Most used grammage range that we offer for standard flyers:

• 100 gsm Matt: For  cost-effective, mass distribution flyer

• 100 gsm Gloss: A cost-efficient, mass distribution flyer

• 80 gsm Bond: For a very cost-effective, mass distribution standard paper flyer

Folded Leaflets:

Pamphlets and leaflets are the most popular addition to most point-of-sale campaigns. They are inexpensive print-based marketing tools that everyone loves! Cleverly worded, attention-grabbing leaflets will definitely boost your business’ sales. Pamphlet options include Single-fold, Roll-Fold, Gate-fold and Z-fold.

• 100 gsm Matt: For cost-effective, mass distribution leaflet

• 100 gsm Gloss: A  cost-efficient, mass distribution leaflet

• 170 gsm Matt: For high-quality matt leaflets with lamination

• 170 gsm Gloss: For high-quality gloss leaflets with lamination

• 350 gsm Matt: For a matt high-quality leaflet with lamination

• 350 gsm Gloss: For a gloss high-quality leaflet with lamination


First impressions are all about presentation. Presentation folders are perfect for any situation. Be it passing on your prints or photographs to a customer, handing out a presentation, or simply storing files in and around your office and home. Add a little something extra with our premium presentation folder printing. 

• 250 gsm Matt: High-quality matt folder  with lamination

• 250 gsm Gloss: High-quality gloss folder with lamination

• 350 gsm Matt: For high-quality matt presentation folders with lamination

• 350 gsm Gloss: For high-quality gloss presentation folders with lamination


Forms & Letterheads:

It may be a digital age, but when you are running a company, professional business forms and letterheads is an absolute must.

• 80 gsm bond: For high-quality printed documents that you can write on.

Folded Business Cards:

We offer a variety of high-quality folded business cards to ensure you can leave a lasting impression. 

• 350 gsm Matt: For matt high-quality folded busines cards with lamination

• 350 gsm Gloss: For gloss high-quality folded busines cards with lamination

You might have noticed that we added lamination to our descriptions, this is because certain grammages perform better when it needs to be scored and folded and it has lamination. The videos of the different materials, however, don’t have lamination, they are purely for you to get a feel of each material.

Now with your new found material knowledge, go out into the world & order your printed products online!


If you are a reseller, the best way to know that you’re ordering the right paper is through our free paper sample booklet. You can order the unbranded version for you to use with your clients. No strings attached. While stocks last. Only pay for the delivery, and get your money back in store credit on the first order. You can order your paper stock booklet here.