You are probably on the fence about placing an order with us, asking yourself if using Printulu will be worth it…

Well, you might be in for a bumpy ride.

We think all informed decisions come with knowing all the facts. This might be deemed an unorthodox way of selling services, but we woke up feeling extra unconventional today.

Chances are you are not new to print. You have probably used traditional printers in the past, so you may be asking yourself:

Do I really want to retire from the joyous rides in traffic to get to my trusted printer? The glee of standing in line for 45 minutes only to find that when I get to the front, I left my memory stick at the office.

But you love that don’t you? The security of seeing the faces you are dealing with. The fact that you don’t get a choice whether to pay the hefty fee for a proof and artwork check and the rush of doors shutting at 4pm.

Then here is Printulu selling you the future, but, is the grass greener on the other side?


Bob probably doesn’t agree…

Bob is a simple guy, an events manager at a promotions company. He needed flyers and pull up banners for their next event. Because Bob never had time on his hands, he decided to try Printulu.

The first bump was the struggle to use the internet. Which made Bob call a board meeting to tackle his challenge. In an effort to get things moving, Tony from the graphic design department clicked a few buttons and soon got to the checkout page. 

On the checkout page, Bob found that the two options to pay are EFT bank deposit and paying via credit card. It’s at this point Bob decides he is going to call and ask to pay cash on delivery as he only has cash.

He is assisted by Sindisiwe, who advises him that we cannot process an order without payment. An option, in this case, is to do a bank deposit and send through the proof of payment.

Disgruntled, Bob agrees to this and proceeds to place the order.

Finally done. Bob soon gets an email informing him that the order specifications don’t match the artwork he supplied.

Bob had uploaded the same A5 artwork for the flyer and the 85 x 200cm pull-up banner. On top of that, the flyer specifications didn’t match what was supplied. A one-sided flyer was uploaded whereas the order specified double-sided. 

Bob was then advised to provide a new design for the pull-up banner because an A5 cannot be stretched to a pull-up banner without hugely compromising on the quality. This meant it could not be automatically fixed by the system.

It’s at this point Bob starts to seriously question his decision to use Printulu, but he agrees to this. He later sends the new artwork at 4 pm and his order is processed.

After processing the order, email updates with the status of his order start coming in. This angers Bob because reading an email is an absolute mission, right?

In his frustration, he stops reading the emails.

A day before the indicated latest delivery date Bob calls to check the status of his order.  That’s when he finds that he didn’t read an important email. This email advised that the artwork he supplied has a low resolution so the banners didn’t go to print.

Guy on the phone

Bob sends the new design with a heavy heart and later he receives the flyers which he is not very happy about because the paper is not what he wanted.

This right here was the breaking point for Bob, he didn’t understand why he never received a proof before the rest of the order was printed.

Bob was disappointed and felt like Printulu had done him a disservice.  Enraged Bob went to tell all his friends not to place an order with Printulu. He would certainly also give the same recommendation to you.

This article could end now, but it does not… Let’s rewind a bit here.

The real story 

It is true that the concept we have on our hands is different and it can be challenging at first.

However, we’ve found that the experience goes smoothly if you treat Printulu as it is. A service that you are used to, done in a more affordable, convenient way. Our methods are designed to provide ease of mind.

We have broken down the events of Bob’s stories to explain a bit about our service:

Broken pieces of glass

Instant quote – The first time it might be a bit overwhelming, but aren’t most things overwhelming at first? Instant quotes are there to help you get your price instantly. No waiting, direct comparisons to serve your desire. If you really struggle with it, you can chat, call or email us!  Customer service will walk you through it – it takes less than 2 minutes.

Payment methods: We provide you with secure payment methods on the website that don’t require you to move from the comfort of your office or home. If you are not quite familiar with online banking yet, you have the option to pay via bank deposit.

Just one tip, to lessen the frustration of having to go to the bank all the time. You can purchase store credit for an amount that you can use to pay for a certain number of future orders. You’ll enjoy the benefits of placing orders directly and paying from your account without the hassle of processing payments every time you place a new order. The store credit allows you to keep money in your Printulu account and use it for future orders at your convenience.

Artwork specifications/problem: Designing artwork can be a scary thing for most of our clients as it’s not something that they do daily. So if you are like Bob and you don’t know about design visit our help desk or call for advice. Everything will be there.

Canva is also a great platform for people with no design background. We think it is better to print something that you will be happy with hence we have our automatic basic check to alert you of errors that might affect the final result of your order. It’s not to frustrate you, it is to help.

If you still struggle with it, we also offer you very affordable graphic design services to fix your artwork.

If an error can automatically be fixed, your order will be processed, for instance, if you supplied a flyer that is A4 but you ordered A5 flyers, it can automatically be resized to A4. No scale change, no problem.

We cannot automatically fix severe cases such as resolution below 150dpi, no die lines, and no bleed, without compromising quality.

Multiple emails: Transparency is key with us. We use these emails to help you track the progress of your order. This is NOT to spam you but to give you peace of mind and save you a lot of time.

Delivery times: Specific delivery dates are indicated on the website based on the service you choose with the provision that you supply us with artwork and proof of payment before 12pm.  There will be an additional email confirming the dates as well.

We work with an automatic system, and to be able to provide an efficient service, we have to adhere to these times.

If everything is done on time there is no need to worry about not getting the order late. If it ever happens that we are on the wrong we will definitely resolve the issue for you.

Proofs: As we’ve mentioned before we are different. With us, you have a choice to select if you want a proof or not. So if you didn’t select one, you won’t be paying for one and you will not get one.

We do advise that you request a proof if you are not familiar with different papers and printing terms.

We also have a sample paper booklet that you can order if you are unsure about paper/material options for print. However, this is subject to availability. We try to have these in stock all the time but we want to help our customers, which is why they quickly run out.


We are not perfect, we make mistakes. But with cooperation, we are the best thing that will happen for your printing needs.  Our 5-star reviews attest to it!

Even traditional clients can contact customer support and be guided through the entire process. 

Like Aristotle said, “The beginning seems to be more than half of the whole”.

So let’s just get started with learning about the service.

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