It’s highly likely that you are wondering why Printulu prices are so low. Well, you are not alone, and we think it’s time we fill you in.

It’s a fact, Printulu prices are up to 50% lower than traditional printers. We promise there is nothing wrong with our website the price you see is exactly what you will pay, no additional costs.

You want an explanation for this, right? I mean who wouldn’t. You have probably been coughing up so much money for your printing needs and you are really in your feelings about this now.

In all honesty, we don’t have any magic tricks up our sleeve, all we did was simplify our processes and get rid of all the unnecessary expenses.

While most things are too good to be true, Printulu is not one of those things. Here is a list of how we manage to offer you affordable rates and convenience:


Even though we offer a wide variety of products, we only offer 5 types of papers. The paper ranges from 90gsm to 350gsm, with the exception of 128gsm for pur bound booklets. With a moderate range of special finishes such as lamination, soft touch, encapsulation and die cutting.

It’s simple, we did our research and we offered the papers most people use for the products we print.

This has allowed Printulu to serve thousands of clients with quality print work.

Bundled Orders

This method arranges multiple printing jobs on a common paper sheet which reduces paper waste, production costs, plates and prep time.
This is the main reason our papers are standardised. We would not be able to batch orders if we had too many variations.
While we offer special quotes, they are usually higher than the prices you see on the website. Special orders can’t be bundled because they are usually not under Printulu’s standardised paper offering or finishes.


Most of Printulu’s systems are automated, which means most tedious processes are eliminated to reduce delays. This is particularly great because we have an automatic preflight check. This means if you have print ready artwork you are not paying extra for artwork checks.


While big glass offices are nice and fancy, walk-ins require more resources. Why drive all the way when modern technology has made it so easy to communicate and get things done conveniently.

rain drops on window

Why drive all the way?

Think of it this way if Ingrid leaves her desk and sits with one person at reception, we’ve lost the chance to assist possibly 10 more clients and you’d pay more to stand in the queue at our reception because big office buildings are expensive.

Isn’t it convenient for you to get instant responses from the comfort of your office or home? You can even place an order any time of the day.

There you have it, now you can walk in the boardroom like a boss and convince your team to switch to us! Printulu prices are really legit and you don’t have to even leave your desk to get your order.

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