Stickers – Your Full Guide

White Vinyl Stickers

Expand your brand with our sticker printing services. Print stickers online as a cost-effective and stylish way to show off your corporate branding. Stickers are an easy and affordable alternative to your usual branding and marketing efforts. Printulu has the stickers for indoor or outdoor purposes. Order now for impressions that stick! Please note that the maximum width we can print for stickers is 1.2m.

Transparent Vinyl Stickers

Enhance your company’s image with Printulu’s transparent sticker printing services. Cost-effectively showcase your branding through our online sticker printing. Transparent stickers are a budget-friendly option for promoting your brand compared to direct printing methods. But be warned, printing on a translucent vinyl must be done in a dark colour and cam only be used on white or off white products. Printulu offers indoor and outdoor stickers. Place your order now for a lasting impression. Note: Our maximum sticker width is 1.2m.

Contravision Stickers

The one-way vision material is the perfect alternative to simple car stickers. It has small holes that allow visibility in only one direction, through the media. This allows a complete lack of visibility through to the other side of the window. Contravision stickers are most popular for retail store windows and as an alternative to car stickers. It is most commonly used for car rear window advertising.

Trouble Creating Print-Ready Designs?

Try out our help center for more info on designing print-ready artworks, or take a look at our quick tutorial and blog posts below!

How To Apply Vinyl Stickers in 4 Easy Steps! (My Sticker Printing Is Done... Now What?)

So you’ve just ordered your vinyl stickers with Printulu. They’re beautiful, and you can’t wait to put them up. But once you try to do it yourself, you turn the stickers into a crumpled mess. What a waste!

How To: Design and Prepare Stickers For Print (Sticky Business)

There’s something magical about being able to stick a picture anywhere you want within seconds. Now imagine this power utilised for your branding and marketing purposes.