Printing is an old industry. It’s basically the ancient of ancients as far as industries go. This can be both a good and a bad thing. Unfortunately, when you’ve been around as long as printing has, there’s bound to be some rumours popping up about you. We all know how it goes – someone says one thing, it spreads, and eventually everyone is not only perpetuating the rumour, but believing it.

The same thing has happened to the printing industry, and we’re here to set the rumours straight.

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Myth 1: Printing is dead – mourn it and move on.

Even though digital marketing has exploded onto the scene, print marketing is still an effective option for companies to reach customers. With printed collateral sent directly to a customer’s home, a company can secure undivided attention.

The reality is, printed materials hold a customer’s attention much longer, thereby making your ad much more effective. Consider the numerous distractions consumers face while surfing the web, either via a laptop or mobile device. They may be researching a product while at the same time checking their email and social media pages and disarming the plethora of popup ads bombarding them.

When that same consumer sits down with a newspaper or magazine, they tend to give the content before them their undivided attention.

Not only this, but to keep your marketing purely online-based is a big no-no in the business world and could actually be super damaging to your growth. If you have an opportunity to reach even more people, why not grab it with both hands?

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Myth 2: Printing is, like, killing the economy and stuff.

What? No. This is a joke, right?

The printing industry is a significant contributor to the economy, with an annual turnover of more than R60 billion.

In addition, the printing and packaging industries employ more than 45,000 people in 1 228 printing and 268 packaging enterprises. If one includes the forestry, pulp and paper and both formal and informal recycling sectors, this number swells to 145,000 jobs.

Besides the impact on the South African economy and the direct contribution to people’s livelihoods, paper-based communication is a necessary and vital medium in this cluttered digital world especially to those without reliable internet connections. Need any more facts?

Myth 3: Printing materials are way too impersonal.

Printed wedding invitation.It is widely believed that printing can’t be personalised, and your dear auntie Frances won’t be able to see her name printed on your wedding invitation. Luckily for you (and your auntie), this belief is untrue. The reality is that print campaigns can absolutely be personalized for better engagement.

The belief in this myth mostly started when digital marketing became the next big thing. Thanks to variable data printing, printed materials can be personalized (name, city, etc.) while keeping all other information such as logo and color scheme the same. Besides, what could  be more personal than receiving a hard copy of that beautiful invitation on your doorstep?

Myth 4: Printing marketing collateral is going to cost me a ton!

Nope. Wrong again. The higher the volume of your campaign, the lower the cost. This is especially true for Printulu – with our method of using gang runs, we are saving you money one print run at a time. Don’t forget that a proper digital marketing campaign also does not come cheap. If you want to reach enough people, chances are you will be spending quite a few bucks online to do so.

Printing may no longer be the only way to get your message out there, but it’s been around for as long as it has for a very good reason. Myths – BUSTED.

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