No one could have ever expected seeing COVID-19 impact their print marketing plan. As businesses continue to navigate the new normal, what can you do to continue to reach customers and build brand awareness? Start to consider the changes you have to your annual marketing plan and adjust.

Print Marketing

8 ideas for your print marketing plan 

Follow this list of ideas and consider what you can add to your business’s marketing strategy – even during COVID-19. 

1. Team up for a cause

Team with a cause-based nonprofit to promote their cause on your posters, flyers and direct-mail marketing campaigns. Doing so can help you gain access to their list and brand your company. 

2. Place a sticker on your car

Print stickers with your brand to start an awareness campaign. These also can be easily mailed with shipments to customers. Looking for a solution that’s a little easier to apply? Check out Printulu’s car magnets.

3. Sponsor a virtual event

For special causes sponsor virtual or online events either within your community or nationally.  Your company can sponsor events to get your name out – and make sure participants get your business card, brochure and other promotional materials.

4. Place banners at busy intersections

Sharkfin and telescopic banners are affordable to print, but they have a wide reach, with everyone stuck in traffic reading your message.

5. Use postcards for direct mailers

Postcards are super affordable and allow you to get your message in front of a highly targeted customer base.

6. Hold an “early bird” Black Friday sale

Black Friday is still a bit away, but you can have an “early bird” Black Friday sale with incredible prices that will get customers to buy online.

7. Try print-to-mobile marketing

If you haven’t done so yet, develop a QR Code or Augmented Reality campaign in which customers can point their mobile devices at posters, postcards, brochures, business cards, flyers, or tags to get special content and discounts.

8. Print calendars

Calendars are great for marketing 365 days per year. Get next year’s calendar sorted so that customers put yours up first. Include the last three months of this year so they can start using it right away.

7 Benefits of Print

1. Print is tangible.

Unlike digital ads, customers can hold print marketing in their hands. Tactile qualities such as paper weight and texture play psychological roles in consumer decision making.

2. Print is mobile.

Customers can take business cards, brochures and catalogs on-the-go, so prospects can carry your messaging and contact information anywhere.

3. Print offers exceptional targeting.

With direct mail marketing, you can target local geographies or those who match your audience demographics.

4. Print can be saved.

If your printed materials offer value, consumers are likely to save them and reach out at a later date.

5. Print builds trust.

One survey discovered that 82% of Internet users trust print marketing ads when making a purchasing decision. In fact, print is still the most trusted type of ad, and it lends credibility to your business.

6. Print puts the spotlight on your business.

Consumers are inundated with ads on websites, social platforms and in email inboxes – so much so that many use ad blockers to avoid seeing any ads. With print, the focus is on your business: when consumers hold your printed materials in hand, they’re not distracted by competing ads.

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