Frequently Asked Questions

Producer Tracking Questions Answered

What are Pre-determined lead times per Printing Attribute (Printing, Lamination, DIE-Cutting, etc.)

Pre-detremind lead times per attribute refers to the time allocated per finishing added to a product to establish an accurate production time. Your Goal is to achieve a 95% on-time ASD (Agreed Shipment Date).

What Paper Does Printulu Use?

Our Paper is supplied from Papercor, only – 60 Day Consigment account with Papercor.

What is the Techtulu Production System?

As a manufacturer you will receive access to our backend system This will enable you to

• Accept jobs

• Clicking all stations to complete the job using our inhouse PC to allow real-time clicking

What is Printulu's print expectation?

Printulu requires daily space on your printers for litho & digital schemes.

When do I get Paid by Printulu?

Printulu production works on a 30 Day Account.

What are Pre-determined Rates for all Printing

Pre-determined Rates for all printing is agreed upon between the manufacturer and Printulu upfront in order for the correct prices to calculate product prices.

How will the Completed Jobs get to the Printulu Client?

Printulu organises daily collections from our Courier Partners that will collect from your production house and delivery it straight to our client.