In today’s fast-paced world, every business owner and professional seeks to get more things done in a shorter time. We are all living a busier life. Good thing the retail industry has been revolutionizing ways to provide more convenience to consumers and providers through online shopping and ecommerce marketing. Its growing popularity is shifting our traditional way of shopping and making our lives easier.

However, when it comes to your offline marketing materials, you shouldn’t settle for anything less. Some people prefer going to a traditional walk-in print shop to see the product first before ordering their prints. Nobody wants the hassle of receiving poor-quality printed products. But are walk-in printing shops really the best way to get your desired prints? Or is there something more online printing has to offer?

While there’s still a lot of doubt surrounding the reliability of online printers, consumers are undeniably becoming more and more aware of the great benefits of ordering their prints online. There are exponential advantages of ecommerce for businesses and consumers. But at the end of the day, what’s more crucial is taking time to figure out which company to trust.

If you’re unsure whether to go for traditional or online shop for your prints and advertising materials, read on. 

8 Advantages of Using Online Printing For Your Business 

1.     Ease of ordering. 

Whether you’re trying to grow a business startup or keep an established one, time management is crucial. You simply don’t have enough time to visit a local printing press. There’s even less time to revisit it a few times to monitor the quality and progress of your orders.

Marketing materials are important at any stage of business to develop an awesome omnichannel experience and maximize your exposure. However, you have other things to invest your time and energy towards. Online printing provides a convenient means to meet your offline advertising needs. At Printulu, you can place your orders anytime and anywhere in just a few clicks on your device. There are also certified payment methods which offer fast and secure checkout.  

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2.     Product configuration. 

Printulu has an option for you to personalize your products based on your needs and preference. We know designs can sometimes be intimidating so we also provide tips and explanations to guide you in configuring your designs until it looks exactly as you want it. Moreover, we have a variety of papers you can choose from. In case you still have questions, we have a professional in-house design team that can help you achieve your design dreams.

3.    High quality printing technology. 

Ecommerce marketing is more than online advertisements. It doesn’t end with strategies and carefully thought out social media posts. It isn’t just talking the talk but more of walking the walk. Establishing a great reputation for your brand by ensuring customer satisfaction is the most important part of marketing. 

We value your trust as our client. This is why Printulu uses only high-tech equipment to ensure color accuracy and superior quality of ink that will not fade even in longer periods. We know that the quality of printing is just as important as the design. With our quality oriented approach, we offer offset printing with the finest Heidelberg Druck machinery to guarantee that you get a high quality of output. (Read more about our high-end printing technology here.) Additionally, in case you’re not satisfied with the final product, we offer a reprint guarantee. 

4.    Cost effective. 

While print ads play a valuable role in business (particularly in omnichannel), it’s also important to minimize the expense for marketing as much as possible. Cutting down cost means increasing your profit. Most online shops have significantly lower prices than traditional walk-ins. Why? One of the advantages of ecommerce is that it requires less manpower, and there’s no physical store that needs to be maintained. Online shops are cheaper to establish than an actual one. This allows online printers to offer the lowest possible prices for high quality services. Online printing firms are your best bet if you’re trying to save a buck. At Printulu, we offer real-time price calculation so that you can make sure that your orders are within your budget.

5.    On time delivery.

Speaking of convenience, what better way to reduce your to-do list than to have your parcel delivered right at your doorstep promptly? As a hardworking individual grinding in a modern world, you should look for ways to be more efficient. So instead of picking up your orders, have it safely transported to you right when you need it. Far less hassle! Courier services provide online tracking for you to monitor the location of your orders. Printulu offers free economic delivery anywhere in South Africa! You can also select one of other 5 delivery options if you need your prints to arrive faster.

Check out our delivery options here: Delivery Options – Which is the Best Delivery Option For Me?

6.    Wide selection of products.

In some cases, local printing companies can only cater to a limited range of services. So if you have an assortment of printing needs, sometimes you have to hop from one walk-in printing press to the next. It can be a strenuous and time-consuming task.

Online printers offer a wider variety of products. We print flyers, brochures, business cards, leaflets, posters and other offline marketing materials for startups and SMEs. Our online shop can cover all your printing needs without having to leave the comfort of your home or office.

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7.    Stellar customer service.

Any reputable ecommerce business knows the importance of having a team of experts for its customer support. Your concerns need to be properly addressed either through phone or email. Printulu has a customer care service available to answer your questions quickly. Should you have any complaints, it will be taken care of as thoroughly as possible to ensure you have an exceptional shopping experience. Give us a call on 010 593 0558 or send us an email to [email protected] for any queries.

8.    Stress-free coordination.

This goes hand in hand with customer service. Online printers provide more accessible communication with accommodating staff. Yes, you may not be able to meet with your printer face-to-face, but isn’t that just one way we’re approaching modernization? No longer it is a hindrance for fast and better coordination nowadays. 

There’s no denying it, we are digital nomads living in the digital age. There are certain products and services (such as prints) that are more reasonable to be ordered online.

High quality printed materials are essential in building a brand with superb omnichannel marketing. We advise that you find a printing provider that gives the most value for your time and money. We should take advantage of the practicality and efficiency that online shops have to offer. 

Printulu presents an innovative solution to offline marketing materials for businesses of any size throughout South Africa.

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