21st March is a day South Africans have a love-hate relationship with. It is a bitter reminder of the past, but it is also the day that sparked change in the country. For most South Africans, Human Rights Day is a day to sit back and relax with an ice cold beer (or lukewarm depending on the stage of load shedding). It is a day to remember why it is so special to be a South African in 2019.

Most importantly, it’s a time for celebrating the advances we’ve made as a society in promoting human rights in our country – and perhaps to remind us to continue advocating human rights and educating one another on what our human rights are. 


How has Human Rights Day helped?

South Africa’s made great strides since our tragic history. We have freedoms protected by the constitution and entire movements and legislation dedicated to promoting equality and individual rights.

Our constitution was even the first in the world to prohibit unfair discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Work it!

Know your rights – you are told this in school, over and over again. But have you ever taken the time to actually read through the constitution? It is freely available online (or at your local library when Eskom strikes). If you have read your rights, do you exercise them?

At Printulu, we make sure that everyone is exercising their rights on a daily basis. We exercise our right to freedom of expression by having a suggestion box in the office, and open communication between all the Printulians. Suggestions for change and improvement is always encouraged. This can be seen in not one, but two of our core values: “Embrace and Drive Change”, and “Team Spirit”.

We practice our freedom of movement daily by doing an initiative called Jumptulu. We get up from our desks every our for a minute, and do a quick one minute work out together. This helps us bond as a team, refreshes our minds and keeps us fit and looking fabulous.

We believe we are accountable to welcome everyone – no matter where you come from, what you look like or who you identify as – into our team. As long as you meet the Printulian standards, you will become part of the family.

Our vision is to completely revolutionize offline marketing in South Africa. Our Printulu logo shows you exactly what we stand for – diversity and a feeling of unity and compassion towards all. This is why we are dedicated to helping the little guy – building and growing their businesses. South Africa’s diversity of languages and different cultures, all working together as one to form one nation. This is the driving idea behind Printulu – different elements that create one unified whole.

Share with us!

The Printulu Team celebrating Human Rights Day!The Printulians are celebrating Human Rights Day by wearing proudly South African colours and sharing our languages with one another. We also want to thank all of our customers for being with us on our special journey.  Thank you, dankie, rea leboha, ngiyabonga and dankeschön!

We’d love to see what you are doing to celebrate Human Rights Day! Leave us a comment or drop us a mail at [email protected].

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