It’s what is inside your guesthouse that counts. The warm meals, the friendly smiles, the unexpected courtesies shown to your guests. Many of those things are what guests will be sharing with their family and friends and across their social media accounts.

This is why as much as you are spending every minute of every day making sure your guesthouse looks beautiful from roof to floor, you else need to consider what would be enticing to your guests. What would make them want to come back instead of finding a cheaper alternative on Airbnb?

It’s about the little details. The small things that make your guesthouse memorable and make people say “That’s so cool!” and take a snapshot of it for Instagram. To get this reaction, you need to make someone feel special.

How Printed Collateral Can Drive Sales

Researchers are looking into the power of print, and have found that while overall magazine subscription numbers have dropped over the last few decades, that means today’s magazine readers are a highly engaged and enthusiastic audience.

Current readers are more likely to be passionate about the subject matter, according to the American Marketing Association. Magazine readers choose the gravitas of print, especially in luxury and travel or hospitality markets, because the weight of a magazine literally and figuratively gives them a window into glossy, full-page visions of dream destinations and aspirational experiences.


What Do You Need?

The digital era has made making personal connections with people even more difficult than it used to be. Communication has become very impersonal, even with the added jazz of having your name in a ‘personalised’ email. Digital just doesn’t convey human emotion well.

Think about the last time someone told you something personal – does it have the same effect on you as when they’re looking you in the eye and telling you face to face?

That is the difference printed collateral can make to your business. An opportunity to really connect with your customers and create a memorable experience for them.

What should you definitely have in your arsenal?

1. Flyers and Posters

Vibrant flyers and posters are an excellent way to promote your guesthouse on a local level, while it also enabling you to target your audience in a very physical way. For example, if you have a function room perfect for corporate events and wedding receptions, consider distributing your flyers in locations such as florists or bridal shops.  

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2. Loyalty Cards

Give loyalty cards to guests to encourage future visits if your target is to encourage more repeat visits. The National Restaurant Association reported that 57% of adult consumers were more likely to visit restaurants that offer some form of loyalty program for their customers.  

By rewarding your visitors for their dedicated patronage with a free coffee or meal, highlights that you value their business and gives them the incentive to visit even more. 

3. Festive Material

Consider some festive leaflets or table standees on your tables; this kind of targeted print is also useful for any other big holidays or events throughout the year, such as Easter, Mother’s Day and sporting tournaments.

4. Guesthouse Welcoming Cards

Nothing will make your guests feel more at home than a personal card awaiting them on their pillows when they first enter their rooms. Add to that the novelty of receiving something gorgeously printed just for them and you’re sure to be shared on their next social media post and get that fantastic review you’ve been waiting for. Print affordable cards for your guests with Printulu, with delivery free of charge! Just order here. 

Great customer service starts from a warm welcome when visitors arrive at the front door and continues right through their stay. It can come in many forms, from a personalised welcome card awaiting them on their beds, right through to a door hanger that was made especially for their privacy.

Going the extra mile will really put a smile on your customers’ faces, and will be the driving force behind them coming back to stay again. Your ultimate goal is to stand out in a crowded hospitality market. When you stand out, you’re more likely to succeed.

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