On several occasions, I have received a call from companies who have tried to relaunch a product but failed. They even put out flyers. So why isn’t it working?

It’s only at this point that they seek professional advice. Most companies relaunch products without considering the effort that is required to rebrand or relaunch their business. In rebranding, marketing plays a key role and if you do not have the right partner to walk with you throughout the journey… Well, you may end up wasting a lot of money.

We have invested massively in ensuring that our customers’ products do well in the market. This especially includes the rebranding phase. After all, Printulu’s main focus to is help small businesses build their businesses in an omnichannel world. We can offer you flyer and leaflet printing, and so much more. Marketing can become quite expensive in itself, but rebranding means a whole new set of promotional materials, business stationery and more. This is where we come in. To help you do this and more, under a tight budget.

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What is the best strategy to rebrand your company?

1. Start at the beginning. Why do you need to rebrand?

Your rebranding strategy should begin with a proper understanding of the reason behind the rebranding. You must be clear on why you need to rebrand. Is the rebranding driven by the need to improve growth? Are you looking to compete with larger competitors? Are you at risk of being phased out? Is your brand reflecting who you are? Are there legal reasons why you are rebranding? Are you launching a new brand? These are the questions that you should be able to answer.

If you are not clear about the reasons why you are rebranding, then you risk wasting a lot of resources which may not guarantee a return on investment. When looking for the reasons to rebrand remember there are both positive and negative reasons. 

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Valid reasons for a rebrand:
  • Exploring new locations. It may be of importance to refresh your brand if you are expanding to other locations or to international markets that need a different approach from the one you are using in the current market. 
  • Having a new philosophy. Changing your mission, vision and values may mean that you re-evaluate your brand because they show who you are. 
  • Mergers and acquisitions.  When there is a merger or an acquisition, you can’t afford to have products battle it out for the spotlight. A united brand front is ideal in this case.
  • Market repositioning. If your brand is not connecting properly with your customers then you need to rebrand.
You should try another strategy before rebranding if:
  • You are covering up a crisis. Covering up a crisis or internal conflict should not lead to rebranding.
  • Boredom. Do not rebrand because you feel that your logo is too old and you need a new one. There has to be actual evidence to show that the logo is not working for your business anymore.
  • Attention. Some people rebrand because of the hype it could potentially create. There are other less extreme marketing tactics that you should try before completely rebranding.
  • Ego. This can happen when there is a change in management. It’s easy to want to be recognized and leave your mark, but it is not always ideal and could kill the business


 2. Build your brand identity.

Building visual elements to communicate your brand should be part of your rebranding strategy. Everything you use in the brand should be able to communicate something about the brand. However, building your brand identity requires a knowledgeable partner with a guide through the process. Through us, you get the perfect partner who can help you design your logo, choose the right colours for your rebranding, help you develop business cards and print flyers for your marketing campaign. Printulu will walk with you to success. 

3. Build your website, create an online presence and marketing collateral.

Your website is your most important communication tool. It is a place where you can communicate with your current and future clients. When relaunching your brand, ensure that you have a properly working website and the proper online presence. Here’s a quick guide on the essentials of a good website.

In addition to having a website and online presence, you will need to have proper marketing materials that will convey key information about your brand and the range of products that you are offering. Think about basic collateral that makes a big impact and leaves an impression. Selfie Frames at an event create awareness. Business Cards are a must. Does the business need basic stationery such as company letterheads? Flyer and leaflet printing is an affordable and effective way to create easy awareness. Some large format products that can be highly effective and eye-catching include products like our stunning Sharkfin Banners. (P.S. we offer a huge variety of banner products on our website. Check it out here!)

Use as many as possible channels to market your new brand. Remember the Rule of Seven. This will ensure that people identify with the upcoming brand so that they will find it easier to use the products. When marketing informs people about the product or service’s benefits and value for money, it stands a better chance at success. 

Contact Printulu for all your marketing needs, including flyer and leaflet printing, and business card printing. We even print Wallpaper for all of your shop-fitting needs! We work to ensure timely deliveries to kick-start your marketing campaign. If you have any questions, give us a call at 010 593 0558. 

4. Content is king.

One of the most important aspects of relaunching a business or product is promotion and ensuring that people are aware of the new brand. Ensure that the brand communicates your company’s reputation and core values. For more tips on designing the perfect logo, check out our article: 7 Reasons Your Logo Design is Not Making the Cut (No One Considers Number 3)

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5. Total or partial rebrand?

When rebranding it’s important to consider how established your brand is. If your brand covers many markets then you can consider only relaunching it in specific markets. This means that you will not rebrand in areas where the brand is doing well. Partial rebranding works well when having a wide range of products, but may be hard to use in case of mergers. 

6. Who are you rebranding for?

Don’t forget who all of this is for. A rebrand ultimately needs to attract more prospects. If the brand isn’t targeted to your market, it simply won’t work. If you are moving to a new market, your research must analyze that market and all the potential clients. Why this market? Answering these questions is vital. Relying on instinct and what you think you know can be incredibly deceiving and could result in a very expensive rebranding failure. 


Use the above information to evaluate your business and know whether your brand is ready for a relaunch and rebranding. Consider the best strategy when building your brand and ensure that you do it at the right time, for the right reasons. Whether this includes flyer and leaflet printing or not.

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