“People just want convenience,” Ray Kroc once quoted. He went on to franchise McDonald’s, so maybe he was onto something.

In an age of instant gratification, online ordering is essential for businesses. Easy, quick, and trackable ordering cuts through time-consuming sourcing exercises/ It can be a huge deciding factor on whether or not a consumer makes it through the checkout point. 

Remember when Amazon Prime first launched with free 2-day shipping? That is now the norm for customers, with consumers expecting low-cost and high-speed deliveries with the click of a button. As a business, this expectation is daunting. 

What happens if I don’t have an online ordering option? 

Offering an easy and quick online ordering option, like those provided at Printulu, can be difficult. It requires investing in excellent software, and keeping sales staff trained in online backend management, and can mean a lot more business. Is it worth it? YES!

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If you don’t have online ordering options, you miss out on… 

  • Increased revenue! More money is always a good thing! Customers now purchase on the go. I make more online orders from my phone at the bus stop than I ever do through calling in or visiting a store. Online ordering platforms bring your business to the customer in a uniquely accessible way. Studies by EposEX found that companies can expect a 25% jump in their average profits after integrating online ordering platforms onto their websites. That’s a lot more revenue and a lot more customers!
  • Increased personalisation! Average online traffic and assured sales skyrockets with online options. Websites offer personalised upselling with linked products. Online ordering also tracks the right data and by ‘suggesting’ the right products at checkout ensures your customers log off with full baskets and smiles on their faces. 
  • Saving time! How frequently do little clerical errors cost you profit? Often! Online ordering automates and streamlines ordering for customers and businesses. This means that there is less room for human error, and orders can be done in minutes from the customer end. For example, Printulu’s online ordering from product selection to specification, to payment can be done in under 3 minutes. That’s so efficient it’s crazy!
  • Connect straight to payment systems for smarter data collection! When someone places an order, they are exercising their right to choose. And those choices are the bread and butter of marketing! Online ordering links to sales data collection, correlates bounce time (which tells you what people looked at the longest) and overall makes your marketing team’s lives easier.

Online ordering and e-commerce really is the way to go. In fact, in a survey of 2000 people in 2019, it was found that 67% of customers in the US placed orders online before ever visiting the store or physical site they were buying from. People love the convenience, speed, and ease of online ordering. Smart businesses recognise this and use it.

Online e-commerce Ordering Do’s

In the world of e-commerce, giants like Amazon and UberEats lead the way. But you don’t need to be left in the dust. Check out some of your favourite online stores to see how they model their online ordering. If you are stuck, we also recommend checking out Printulu’s model, which offers free, speedy delivery, and easy to use formatting. Here are some of ‘do’s’ of online ordering below:

  • DO invest in reliable delivery mediums. When entrusting your product to a courier, do your research. Speed and quality are the buzzwords here, with 25% of online shoppers cancelling their orders in 2019 because of slow delivery speeds. That’s no fun! 
  • DO streamline your user interface. This means make your online ordering process easy, mobile-friendly, and aesthetic. You can keep it simple, or you can make it pretty. It doesn’t matter, as long as the interface works well with customers on any device. 37% of shoppers told MetaPack studies that they would not shop with a retailer again if they had a poor ordering or delivery experience. Yikes!

Online Ordering Don’ts

What should we be avoiding when modelling our online ordering? Here are the ‘don’ts’ of e-commerce. 

  • DON’T put your shipping fees too high. This is pretty vague, so do some research on your target audience’s ordering habits, and check out competitors. Baymard Studies found that 61% of shoppers will abandon their cart if shipping, taxes, and other fees are too high. That’s a lot of lost business!
  • DON’T skimp on speed. 53% of shoppers say that speed of delivery is super essential when it comes to choosing an online business. While 2-day turnarounds aren’t feasible for all of us (Amazon Prime really raised expectations!) finding a happy medium between quality and speed is an essential part of successful online ordering!

Online ordering and e-commerce in 2019 ruled marketing models and skyrocketed business revenue. It literally pays to invest in an online ordering option and saves you time and hassle. To see a great example of this, why not check out Printulu’s great products, such as brochures, banners, and business cards, and see how easy it is to order online? With free delivery countrywide and a reliable track record, Printulu serves as a great model for the virtues of online ordering. 

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