Printulu_DTP Preflight

DTP Preflight refers to the process of checking a digital document for potential issues or errors before it is printed. This is typically done to ensure that the document is suitable for printing and to avoid any problems during the process. The preflight process usually involves checking the following:

Printulu_DTP Preflight Design

The DTP preflight process usually involves checking the following:

• Is you minimum font size minimum 5pt (Paper printing) or 8pt (Large Format)?

• Is your artwork in CMYK colour mode?

• Is there sufficient bleed for your artwork?

• Is anything in your artwork at risk of getting cut off?

• Is your image resolution 300 dpi?

• Are your fonts embedded or converted to curves?

• Have you added the correct Die / Template?

• Is your colour set up correctly for black plate changes?

By performing DTP preflight checks, you can save time and avoid costly mistakes during the printing or publishing process. It helps to ensure that the final product meets your expectations and is of the highest quality possible.

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