If you are looking for a custom quotation, this is what we require to get a quote to you as quickly as possible.

You can copy and paste this into your email and change the details to suit your needs:

• *Product Name (e.g. Flyer):
• *Portrait or Landscape
• *Flat Size of artwork OR just the artwork for us to check the size.
• *Quantity (e.g. 100):
• *Paper (e.g. 100gsm gloss):
• *Size (e.g. A4, A5, etc):
• *Colours (Full Colour / B&W)
• *Refinement (e.g. Gloss Lamination on One Side):
• *Finishing (e.g. straight cut, round corners):

IF BOUND PRODUCTS (Purbind Brochures):
• Brochure Pages:
(1 Leave = 2 pages –> e.g. 8 pages; note for saddle stitch & pur bind books only multiples of 4 are possible, for wiro books only multiples of 2) Binding (e.g. Saddle Stitch, Single Fold)
• Format (e.g. Landscape/Portrait):

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