A good restaurant owner understands that although your food may be so great that you could practically eat it with a plastic spoon in a dodgy plate and it would still be the best, that’s not the only factor to a successful business. In today’s world, time means money. We can guarantee you that no one wants to waste their time at a restaurant that doesn’t care about the customer experience it is providing. This is why you need to use the best menu printing services in South Africa.

We live in a society that is accustomed to spending most of their time behind screens. This is a reality to most working individuals (and paying customers), and the truth is that this simply doesn’t satisfy all of our senses.

You can market your restaurant till the figurative cows come home, but if the holistic experience is not worth coming back for, you will be losing business. Giving your customers a tangible experience that engages all of their senses will benefit your business more than any other marketing effort you could be making.

Every generation has an influence on society. Most recently, the largest influence society has felt has been by the Millennials. This generation is traditionally thought of as the angsty teenagers and demanding students of our time. But the Millennials have grown up, and they likely make up a huge portion of your consumer base – if you are doing things right. It’s true! Those snotty Millennials you detested are now anywhere between the ages of 22 and 38. This makes them a pretty important demographic to consider for just about any business, especially restaurant businesses.

So how can you make sure you’re keeping your consumers happy once they’re sitting in your restaurant? Direct attention with wall menus and wall decals (stickers), or create an upscale environment with excellent finishings on your decadent table menu. 

Your Menu Should Speak for Itself

Menu on a restaurant tableBig surprise there. But we’re not talking about the more the merrier. We definitely don’t mean the icky, wine-stained, sticky plastic covered kind. Those were all the rage in the 90s, but it’s been 30 years, and it’s time to say goodbye. Consumers no longer want to have to peel the pages apart to read your menu in favour of durability. The more simplistic, straight-forward and tasteful your menu is, the better. Think of one-page lunch menus with a separate drinks menu. Think branding and easy reading.

Menu printing that isn’t too bulky will also aid the overall ambience of your restaurant. No one wants a large menu that takes up most of the table space between them and their significant other to completely ruin the vibe. Small, elegant and efficient are buzzwords we think of when we talk about menu printing.

Don’t forget about the recent trend in personalised made-to-order foods. Large chains such as Rocomamas have become popular because of their paper menus that allow diners to customise their meals entirely.

But That’s Not All.

Paper placemats in a restaurant

Your menu is the first point of contact a consumer has when they reach their table. But what about the rest of the table? At Printulu, we often have customers asking us why we don’t stock plastic placemats. The truth is that paper placemats just make much more sense. Why use harmful plastics when you can opt for more affordable, lightweight and best of all – biodegradable – paper placemats?

Remember those Millennials we mentioned earlier? They are a super health- and environmentally-conscious generation. This sentiment is only getting stronger, especially with the new generations. Catering to this need is important.

In a study titled, What Millennials Really Think: How Do Their Views Compare with Older Consumers?, conducted by Pace University, Millennials were asked whether they would pay more for fair trade or environmentally friendly products. Sixty percent of Millennials said they would. That is a huge opportunity that your restaurant cannot afford to miss out on. Printulu’s paper placemats are also food-safe, so you can rest assured that your diners will have a healthy, safe experience.

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We also recommend you try our table standees, table cloths, paper bags, and posters to help create a holistic experience for your consumers. A well-designed space that fits your brand will ensure your guests feel comfortable and welcome. Keep your mind on the lunch rush and let us take care of everything else!

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